What is a Smart Grid?

What is a Smart Grid?

  1. The “Smart Grid” was introduced with the intention of overcoming the weaknesses of conventional electrical grids – where consumers have a lack of control and monitoring.
  2. At its core, it is a network which builds upon the basis of “Smart Meters” – next generation digital meters that are used to supply energy to consumers and can measure gas or electricity usage and send that data directly to the utility provider.

How is a Smart Grid used?

  • This kind of system allows for energy providers and consumers to gain more insight into how energy is used with the ability to monitor, analyze, control usage with two-way digital communication.
  • This helps improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and cost, and maximize the transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain. 

Why is it important?

  • Reveals more detailed energy consumption, rather than monthly estimates
  • Ensures consistent power supply
  • Can help consumers save money on their energy bills
  • Can help reduce excess energy usage

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