What is a Home Energy Report?

What is a home energy report (HER)?

A home energy report (HER) is a detailed analysis of your home energy use, providing useful tips and personalized recommendations to save energy in your home. 

They are designed to help you save energy and encourage responsible energy use behavior in your home. They allow you to compare your current and historical energy use to similar homes, and discover tips to reduce energy usage.

Your utility provider may be partnering with companies like Oracle and Uplight to deliver home energy reports.

Why are they important?

Electric and gas utilities use HERs to promote energy efficiency and encourage customers to reduce their energy consumption. For utilities, HERs are an important tool that can provide 1%-3% energy savings on average.

HERs can show you how much electricity or gas you are using in your home. They can also help you identify patterns in the amount of energy across different seasons. They can also make recommendations to help you save energy by turning off your lights more frequently, or running your appliances at different times.

An example home electricity bill – Photo by Giorgio Tomassetti on Unsplash

The future of home energy reports

HERs have been around for many years and are evolving. For example, we are seeing the introduction of new techniques and personalized videos.

If you ask us, we think that MyHEAT can play a critical role in this evolution. A 2018 study showed that MyHEAT’s visual and comparable heat loss data led to double the gas savings than traditional home energy reports.

If you receive a home energy report from your utility, keep in mind that it can be a useful tool to help you focus on responsible energy use in your home – a win for your wallet and the planet!

For more information on our city-scale heat loss maps, drop us a note – we’re friendly!

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