Energy efficiency funding is critical to combat energy poverty. Is Biden’s Justice40 $3.1B enough?

$3.1B provided by Biden's Justice40 program is a large number. Is it enough to combat energy poverty?
Rachel Lawton
3 min read

WEEanswers: How Can Renters Achieve Greater Energy Savings?

When it is not possible to carry out deep energy retrofit projects, such as replacing the roof, or upgrading heating and...
Gillian Ward
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Energy Efficiency in 2021– MyHEAT’s Year In Review

A Year in Review: MyHEAT achieved a number of developments in 2021 and was able to successfully grow its team, improve...
James Henry
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The Top 5 Myths of Thermal Imagery

In this post, we address the top 5 most myths surrounding thermal imagery. In short - thermal imagery isn't an x-ray...
2 min read

Make Energy Efficiency a Part of Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List (Updated for 2022)

10 tips for saving energy from MyHEAT Winter is over (hopefully!) and the days are getting longer and warmer. The start...
Chelsea Froklage
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