It’s time to choose your StrEEt Fighter

In celebration of Energy Efficiency Day 2022, which energy efficiency intervention will you choose as your hero?

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It’s EE Day, and in the fight against building emissions, there are many powerful fighters ready to reduce energy consumption. Help us celebrate by choosing the fighter you think packs the biggest punch in improving energy efficiency outcomes!

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Home Energy Audits and Heat Loss

A pixelated graphic of a magnifying glass inspecting a home

An evaluation of your home’s energy use and a prerequirement for a lot of home energy efficiency upgrades.

Special Power:

Identifies problem areas in a snap.

A pixelated image of a graphic representing a home energy audit

A useful comparative report that uses behavioural nudging to reduce energy use.

Special Power:

Reliable 1-2% energy savings.

Blower Door Test

Alias: Vega

A pixelated image of a blower door test

A diagnostic tool to determine how much air is entering or escaping from your home.

Special Power:

Stronger than a Dyson vacuum.

FLIR Camera

Alias: Blanka

A handheld FLIR camera

A handheld infrared camera to detect heat loss and opportunities to improve sealing inside a home.

Special Power:

Can be rented from libraries.

Heat Loss Maps

Alias: Ryu


An aerial thermal image of your rooftop to detect home heat loss and drive weatherization enrollment.

Special Power:

Makes energy loss visible at scale.

Heat Loss Ratings

Alias: Chun-Li

MyHEAT HEAT Rating of 7

A 1-10 rating that uses behavioural nudging to compare heat loss for millions of homes and drive action.

Special Power:

Behavioural nudging at its best.


Triple Glazed Windows

Alias: Guile

Pixelated image of a cross section of triple glazed windows

Air exchange, conditioner & heating system all wrapped up into one. 

Special Power:

Tough and very protective of your home.

Fibreglass Insulation

Alias: Zangief

Pixelated image of fibreglass insulation in-situ

A material found in most homes. Consists of fine glass fibres.

Special Power:

Feels like wearing a warm pink puffy jacket.

New Door

Alias: Sagat

A pixelated image of a front door

Sturdy, well-sealed and a snug fit, eliminates drafts year-round.

Special Power:

A personal draft-bouncer for your home.

New Roofing

Alias: Dhalsim

A pixelated image of rooftops against a sky

An old roof just won’t cut it when you need extra warmth.

Special Power:

Always has you covered. Is also a fan of solar panels!

Energy-efficient Appliances & Devices

Heat Pumps

Alias: M. Bison

A group of 3 pixelated heat pumps

Crazy efficient, heats AND cools, lots of rebates available. Heat pumps are so hot right now.

Special Power:

Can work at -30˚C/-22˚F.

High-efficiency HVAC

Alias: Balrog

A pixellated image of a high efficiency HVAC furnace unit

Air exchange, air conditioner, heating system all wrapped up into one. 

Special Power:

Looks like NASA made it.

Smart Thermostat

Alias: Cammy

A pixelated image of a smart thermostat

Automatically saves energy and helps lower utility bills. Also supports demand response!

Special Power:

Can be adjusted remotely.

Smart Meter (AMI)

Alias: Fei Long

Phones home periodically with energy use data to help utilities improve their service offerings.

Special Power:

ET Phone Home Mimic.

Energy Management Solutions

A pipe icon with a red circular no symbol in front

A technology or solution to delay large infrastructural investments and reduce gas energy consumption.

Special Power:

Lowers impact of fossil fuels.

Non-Wire Alternative

Alias: Sakura

An electrical transmission line icon with a red circular no symbol in front

A technology or solution to delay electrical transmission upgrades and reduce electricity consumption.

Special Power:

Helps solar and EVs join the party.


Alias: Gen

A wordmark of 'energiesprong'

Meaning ‘energy leap’, it’s an all-in-one retrofit approach adhering to energy efficient standards.

Special Power:

Sounds fun to say.

Who will it be?

Weatherization, Energy-Efficient Appliances, Home Energy Audits & Heat Loss, Energy Management Solutions and Home Energy Diagnostics all have a powerful role to play in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Choose your fighter below in celebration of Energy Efficiency Day 2022!

How we support weatherization and retrofits at-scale

In just a few nights, MyHEAT can map and compare individual home heat loss for many thousands of buildings at time. Utilities and governments use Heat Loss Maps and Heat Loss Ratings as a marketing or behavioural solution to drive up to 220% increase in program participation.

Choose Your Energy Efficiency Fighter!

We know, ALL energy efficiency interventions are powerful in the quest to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

The people have spoken, and an Energy Efficiency Day 2022 StrEEt Fighter has been chosen!

Handheld FLIR Cameras (Forward-Looking Infrared) are a great way to detect in-home energy loss – great choice!

An image showing a FLIR Camera as the winner of Energy Efficiency day 2022 in a retro video game pixellated style

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