Homeowner Tips

How Public Home HEAT Maps Inspired Energy Action in Alberta

We mapped heat loss for over 640,000 single family homes in Alberta. The feedback was exceptional!
Mona Ahmed
3 min read

5 Common Ways We Waste Energy in Our Homes

Visit the Good News Blog to read compelling (and inspiring) stories about the climate crisis and its solutions, and get actionable...
James Henry
4 min read

Experts on the Ground: The Benefits of Aerial Thermal Data

Insight from an energy advisor “Thermography is such an important part of our business,” says Len Koenig, Owner of Pure Energy...
2 min read

Interpreting Your HEAT Map

How to identify heat loss in your home – exploring rooftop hotspots For a home or business owner, a bird’s-eye thermal...
2 min read

Make Energy Efficiency a Part of Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List (Updated for 2022)

10 tips for saving energy from MyHEAT Winter is over (hopefully!) and the days are getting longer and warmer. The start...
Chelsea Froklage
2 min read