MyHEAT MyHEAT supercharges utility energy efficiency and renewable energy programs through Energy Made Visible™. Our Heat Loss and SOLAR Maps help to inform, educate, and motivate people to act on reducing waste energy and greenhouse gas emissions.


25 Stories by MyHEAT

Interpreting Your HEAT Map

How to identify heat loss in your home – exploring rooftop hotspots For a home or business owner, a bird’s-eye thermal image of their...
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Inspiring Local Change for a Better Global Future.

Creating a Culture of Sustainability Building a culture that values environmental stewardship in the workplace and adopts corporate sustainability goals can be a difficult...
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Building MyHEAT

An Energy Efficiency Company Designed to Benefit Employees, Customers and Shareholders. The world wastes more energy than it consumes every year. And since we...
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[VIDEO] Understanding Energy Loss

Promoting Energy Literacy by Visualizing Home Heat Loss The understanding of how energy is used and the ability to apply this knowledge is known...
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Putting Heat Loss on the Map

A bird’s-eye view with energy made visible™ Imagine if you could see an aerial map showing exactly where buildings in a city were losing...
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