James Henry

  James is the Director of Growth & Sustainability at MyHEAT. He holds a Masters in Marketing and is currently undertaking a Masters in Environment & Management. He is also a nature and wildlife photographer and a big fan of bears!


7 Stories by James Henry

WEEanswers: What is a Home Energy Audit?

The world wastes more energy each year than it uses - a home energy audit can help you find ways to save energy and...
1 1 min read

WEEanswers: What is a Home Energy Report?

Home Energy Reports (HERs) are an important energy efficiency tool. But what exactly are they, and why are they important?
0 1 min read

Energy Efficiency in 2021– MyHEAT’s Year In Review

A Year in Review: MyHEAT achieved a number of developments in 2021 and was able to successfully grow its team, improve its product and...
2 2 min read

5 Common Ways We Waste Energy in Our Homes

Visit the Good News Blog to read compelling (and inspiring) stories about the climate crisis and its solutions, and get actionable tips on climate-friendly...
1 4 min read

Making Energy Visible™ as a Non-Pipe Alternative

Energy efficiency can be a cost-effective and powerful tool to reduce peak day energy demand. National Grid New York and MyHEAT are partnering to...
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Nature-Based Solutions with MyHEAT

Reimagine. Recreate. Restore. World Environment Day 2021 The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) organizes World Environment Day events each year to encourage global awareness and...
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We’re responding to the climate challenge. We are Climate Neutral Certified.

Every year, the world wastes more energy than it consumes. MyHEAT's mission is to empower a reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building...
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